Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Beginning

Wow!  I can hardly believe I am going to do this!  I have thought of starting a blog for a very long time but just didn't see how anyone would possibly want to read anything I write...  How I hope to be wrong!  I'm not sure if I will be able to post daily but I will try.  :)

Now that I have begun I guess the only place to start is at the beginning.....

I grew up a bit different I think than most people.  We often didn't have running water in the house and there were many times when the only heat was produced by a wood stove.  I remember when I was quite little my mother often cooked and baked using a wood stove.  When water was needed for washing, cooking or cleaning we young-un's would be sent outside to either get water or snow depending on the time of year. You would think that growing up that poor I would want to run as far and fast as possible to get away from it.  I suppose for a while I did, but somewhere in my mind and heart I always wanted to go back to that simple life. Actually it kinda gives me a chuckle to call it a "simple life".  I think many people might equate simple with easy.  It isn't.  I means hard work and often doing without things that others take for granted.  But it also means, eating food I have grown myself, not having to worry about pesticides, chemicals, or antibiotics in my food. It means going outside and breathing fresh unpolluted air and watching the wildlife, which visits regularly, grow and flourish. There are so many pluses!

I don't live exactly like my parents did when I was little.  Since I am doing this by choice I do have a few conveniences.  Solar power being one, and although the water issue is still a bit problematic due to well problems, we are working on it.  The only "grid" connection we have is our wireless internet which is a life saver and in my mind completely necessary as it is our phone as well.

Ahh....  so there we have it.  My first little piece of writing.  A start!  Welcome to all who have joined me in this little blogging quest.  More tomorrow if you care to join me....


  1. So happy you're doing this blog Gloria, I'll definitely be one of your readers. :)

  2. Thank you my dear! Feel free to share with any friends you think might be interested! The more the merrier!

  3. I've been considering doing what you're doing on a smaller scale. I've been a suburbanite my entire life and long for a bit more space. Solar and or wind power, a well, etc. Maybe, some chickens and a large garden. Keep us posted on your adventure! Diane

  4. I certainly have been enjoying your blog entries this evening! I love your writing style, too. You paint marvelous word pictures!


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