Friday, 16 December 2011

Moose for Coffee - Update

If you have read yesterdays post regarding the moose that came to visit for our morning coffee you probably thought, as I did while writing, that they had moved off and were gone for now. I was wrong and we had the most surprising day!

After enjoying our coffee and breakfast both of us had things to do, I to my office and Mountain Man to start building a wood shed. We have needed one for some time but were just always too busy with something else or had other priorities.  He unloaded the lumber purchased the other day, started the generator to run some power tools and hooked up the air compressor for his air nailing gun. No, we aren't building using just a hammer, nails and hand saw. I know that is what they did in the real pioneer days but there are a few things that don't really make sense when you have all the tools anyway.

Not too much later he came in and asked me to help him lift up one of the walls and while I may not do a lot of the building I am always ready to help where ever I can. I was very surprised to discover our visitors hadn't left! They were still there on the other side of the sheep pasture grazing!

How long would they stay? We both went about our day and every once in a while checked to see if they were there...  They were.  Mountain Man used a chain saw, nail gun, generator, hammer, skill saw and whatever other tools he needed.  They didn't move. Instead they laid down to chew their cuds!

In the early afternoon I decided to get some fresh air myself and try out my anniversary present.  A nicely scoped Ruger SR-22 which I had been wanting for a while. Most women would probably want something small and shiny for their anniversary but while I do like jewelry (and have a fair amount of it) I am a practical person by nature and this rifle was much more to my liking. Because we live in an area with so much wildlife it is necessary to protect our livestock using all means at our disposal. My firm belief is that if you are going to own a weapon you better know how to use it correctly.  So, I went out to do some target practice fully expecting our visitors to take off at the first shot. Was I in for a surprise! They didn't even flinch!

I can't wait to see what the wood shed will look like as Mountain Man always comes up with unique designs! We will have to use a fair amount of gravel for back fill as the ground quite uneven.

So, the walls for the woodshed went up and we went about our day. The sun sets very early here during this time of the year so about 5:30 pm as it was going down, and we were starting to think about an evening meal, we looked out the window one last time. There in the gloom barely visible in the twilight, and much to dark to take a picture, were our two visitors eating their dinner.  Thanks for coming to visit boys!  I know we will be seeing them again.

No post tomorrow!  See you Sunday. :)

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  1. How special to have such wildlife for regular visits/coffee! On our Island the largest wildlife is coyotes but I've never seen one - heard some howling one night which we suspect was them. I love your pics and your writing. Take care. Gloria


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