Friday, 6 January 2012

The First Spring Arrives

I can not begin to tell you how the warm days of spring lifted our spirits that first year. The cold still seemed to be balking and braying at times like a stubborn mule at an unwanted load but soon it lost it's stubborn grasp and we reveled in the warming days. Oh joy!! To be outside, to be free of the snow! I wanted to spend every waking moment exploring, desperate to see the new life beginning. The ponds were surrounded by willows and I loved the feel of the pussy willows, that fist real sign of spring, so soft and silky in my hands.

My little dog and I would go for long walks just to see what we could find and who perhaps had arrived from the south to spend the summer with us.

The migrating birds were loud and many. Sometimes the waves of them passing over calling to each other drowned out all other thoughts and I would just sit and watch them wondering where they were heading to spend their summer.

We have two nice ponds close to the house which I can view with my binoculars or walk out to and sit for a bit, enjoying the sight of the birds coming and going. Many of the ones who land here often stay all summer and I love to listen to them talking to each other. I have yet to be able to identify all of them as there are so very many different breeds of duck. I keep telling myself, "this year I will get a bird book so I can find out what they are", but I haven't yet. I guess it doesn't really matter, the fact that they have chosen our ponds to stay the summer in is enough.

January, February, March, April, May....  Still so long before they will be coming back! Today as the sun peeks over the horizon all I can think about is spring. Maybe it will be early this year? Maybe.....

I'm off to do some baking today. Bread, scones and pizza dough for our Friday pizza night. I'll be back on Sunday. See you there....

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