Monday, 30 January 2012

The Fox

This weekend we saw another of our favorite creatures. A beautiful red fox. It was so funny to watch him hunting for mice. He would cock his head this way and that way and if he heard one he would jump straight up into the air, probably about 2.5 feet and pounce. I couldn't tell if he caught anything but I sure hope so as we have no shortage of mice around here.

I have such a love/hate relationship with foxes. The are just such beautiful creatures and always appear to have such intelligence and yet they are well known for decimating chicken coops. He was a little too close to the house for us to go out and take pictures as he is quite skittish but we both loved watching him. Which reminded me of a little fox we found while moving a shed from the north quarter.

Mountain Man chose one nice summer day a few years ago to bring one of the decent sheds from the north quarter to our yard site as we just had too many building tools and he needed someplace to store them as most of the building was done and the tools needed to leave the house.

I was working on something around the yard, although now I can't remember what, when he drove up in the truck. Hmm...  What went wrong now? Where was the shed? He had a barrel with him which I thought was very strange until he reached in and grabbed this little fellow for me to see. What a cutie! Apparently when he had dragged the shed off its spot this little guy was underneath it and didn't know where to go. Nice guy that he is he really wanted me to see it so brought it home. Can we all say a collective Awwww!  I know I did! Although, looking at him I wondered if he would grow up to be a chicken hunter.  There was nothing for it however, he was no danger to the chickens at his age and I couldn't put him down just because he might end up being one. So, back he went underneath another shed for his mother to find.

For all I know that is him out there right now hunting mice and I am glad to have him here. If in some distant future he becomes a danger to our chickens we will deal with it. But for now we are content to watch him from a distance and enjoy his beauty.

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