Sunday, 22 January 2012

Moose Fight!

I was planning on doing a post today about how to properly clean a wood stove and chimney but it will take a bit for the fire to die down so I will have to post about it tomorrow. Besides, I'm just dying to tell you about our little moose encounter on Friday evening. First an apology, I have no pictures! So, so sorry, but it was just too dark as the sun had already set.

I was, of course, up in my office loft working on something on the internet when I heard Mountain Man exclaim "OH MY! OH WOW!!!"  I looked over my loft railing to see him glued to the window, binoculars in hand, so of course I rushed down the stairs to see what was up. He had been standing there for a while watching two bull moose who were feeding not more than 50 yards from the house. They were actually in my garden although nothing will be planted there for a few more months.

Suddenly the smaller bull rushed at the bigger one and standing on his hind legs started to bat at him like a boxer in a ring. Then the bigger one reared up on his hind feet and started batting him back! Mountain Man said it was one of the most amazing sights he has ever seen. Two huge bull moose, about 2000 lbs each batting at each other like boxers! If one of those little bats had hit a person it would have killed him but they didn't seem to be very fazed by it at all. Back and forth they went for a while and then as suddenly as it had begun it was over and they were once again peacefully eating the grasses albeit the smaller one had run off a little ways before going back to eating.

These were the same two moose which had been hanging around for the last two months. They really don't seem to be afraid of us at all so it has been amazing to watch their behavior.  We had seen them disappear for about a week or two and then suddenly pop back out of the forest about two weeks ago with little velvet antlers growing. I had no idea that moose would fight like that. I've seen male horses fight with their feet but for some reason always thought moose fought with their antlers. Of course with their antlers in velvet maybe they are more sensitive which is why they were using their feet. Or maybe this is normal behavior for moose. Since the older one didn't chase after the smaller one I started to wonder if they had just been playing? But it had looked so vicious! Of course some play-fights can look pretty real.

Here is an earlier picture of the two of them when they still had their antlers. 

Oh how I wish I could have taken pictures!!!!! The next morning they were both gone but I'm sure they will be back. I'm thinking of naming them Rocky and Bullwinkle...  Of course you aren't supposed to name your food and I do hope to get drawn for a moose tag next year but, Wow! I so love watching the wildlife here!


  1. I wish I was a little bird sitting on your windowsill. I would have loved watching that fight. My husband, Bulldog tells me that a moose can be down right mean when it wants to. They can even bite. My response to Bulldog, I don't care if they are mean and bite. I just like watching them. Their fascinating!

  2. I love watching moose as well. I'm in the city, but my trips to Yellowstone are always the best when we get to see moose. You are so lucky to have them in your backyard! Enjoy Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  3. Who needs a flatscreen when you've got a National Geographic special going down in your garden?


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