Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Making Tracks

The moose have not been back. Apparently, moving all the bales of hay with all the machinery necessary was too much for them and we haven't seen them in two weeks. While this is kind of sad and frustrating for me as I love to take pictures of them, it may also turn out to be a good thing in the short term as the deer have started to return.

I'm not sure what it is between those two species but they seem to have no love for each other. As soon as the moose turn up the deer disappear but now that they have left the deer are back. So far the only evidence we have of their return is tracks left in the snow which we probably would not have noticed except they are only about 35 to 40 feet from the house.

One thing however puzzles me. We found four sets of tracks so it is a pretty small group but one set was VERY tiny! Who is this little one? Surely it is way to early for any babies to be born as that usually doesn't happen until late April or May, but there is no doubt this is either a very stunted little one, a late surprise from last year or a very early one for this year.

Adult tracks

Itty bitty tracks

You can be sure I will be keeping a close eye out to see if they stay around so I can take some pictures. Deer can be much more difficult to photograph however as they are very shy. Oh well! Here's hoping! 

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  1. Glo, Sorry to hear the moose left. I'm happy to hear the deer are returning. Do you have salt out for the deer? We used to put a salt lick out for the deer when we lived in Michigan. I hope the critters will stick around so you can get pictures.


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