Friday, 10 February 2012

Of Presents and Please

For the last five weeks I have been waiting.... and waiting... and waiting. I have always considered myself a patient person but this wait was a difficult one. Why? Well...  since I hopefully have your attention let me tell you.

With so much wildlife around here and with starting my little blog I found myself suddenly taking a LOT of pictures. I mean, really! What is a blog if it isn't accompanied by at least a few pictures? Just words on a page! Not that words used creatively can't produce lovely mind images but pictures really do help.

Now I do have a lovely camera which Mountain Man purchased for little ol' me. Its a Sony Alpha DSLR A200 which is a fairly good entry level camera. I'm not that proficient with it yet but am learning fast, or at least trying too. Sadly, it doesn't have much of a zoom (I only had the 75 mm zoom that came with it) and I love to take pictures of the wildlife around here. Often these lovely creatures are just out of range for me to take a really good picture and I was getting a bit frustrated. I needed a new zoom lens!  Hmmm...  Maybe, I could make it a my birthday present this year? Well....  Maybe birthday, anniversary and everything else present?

It took me two weeks searching the internet, and some very creative budgeting but eventually I found a 70 to 300 mm lens in my price range and was able to order it.... and then the wait began. Finally yesterday (Thursday) five weeks later it arrived (apparently it sat at customs for two weeks) and I have to say my excitement was tremendous. I really wanted to take some pictures!

Off we went to find Rocky and Bullwinkle our resident moose or perhaps a fox or something to take a picture of, but of course, the minute you WANT to take a picture there is nothing to take a picture of! Where did all the wildlife go? I found myself pretty much chanting in my head as we went around each corner, "please be there, please be there!" Nothing.... Next corner.... Nothing....

Sigh.... Oh well! At least if they do come back I am armed and ready! With my camera of course!

Look at the size of that zoom lens!


  1. Glo, What a beautiful everything else present! I can't wait to see the pictures your take with your new lens. I am so excited for you!

  2. I can't wait to see lots of close ups of the "boys"!

  3. remember if you have it they will come , at least now they'll be alot closer , happy hunting


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