Monday, 27 February 2012

The Winter Continues

When we woke up this morning we were supposed to be in the midst of a snow storm. I was actually looking forward to it as we have had so little snow this winter and the ground isn't even really covered. It's been a very unusual winter and although it was cold (almost - 30 with the windchill) and snowing, by noon the snow had disappeared and the sun was out full force. I sure can't complain about sunshine as we don't have any power unless we have sun but I sure had been looking forward to snow. Oh well.... We will no doubt receive some of the white stuff when we least expect it.

Life has been very relaxed and static lately. There is so little going on! The moose have disappeared for a while probably due to the tractors and trucks which moved all the hay off. Of course we are keeping busy with projects, especially Mountain Man who has a long list of things he wants to have completed by spring. Still, when I was speaking with one of the children the other day I was asked how I was doing and my reply was, "doing good! Just hibernating and waiting for spring." That's exactly what it feels like, I almost envy the bears who do hibernate and only come out when the weather warms up. Of course that is only an "almost" I sure wouldn't want to have missed any of our adventures this winter!

Mountain Man is working on numerous projects which I can't wait to share with you all, but I thought I should update you on just a couple things today. First off, the coffee table is finally finished! If you remember a few weeks back I posted about his building a coffee table, but the picture I had of it was not a finished project. So, after a bit of tweaking (he does that all the time! Creates something and then "tweaks" it until he is satisfied with the final result.) here it is.

I must say I love it! Especially the character of the knots and the grains of the wood! I can hardly believe it didn't cost anything except time. Oh, see that plug in sitting on the floor? The corner leg has a cut out where it fits perfectly. This way we can plug in laptops or anything else we need without hunting for a plug behind the sofa's. 

My second update is on the restarting of celery. I have to say I was just a bit skeptical if it would really work but since I potted it two weeks ago it has really started to take off and I even snipped the tallest stalk today just because I wanted to taste it. I really couldn't seem to help myself and almost decided to snip a few more so that all the stalks were even but eventually controlled myself and left them alone.

How nice it is to have something growing! I can't wait to start planting my veggies!!! I actually have the dirt ready but once I went through my seeds I realized I was weeks early so they are just sitting there waiting for me. Sigh!


  1. Glo, I love the end result of your coffee table. Mountain Man did a great job! Glad to hear your celery is doing well. Mine is doing okay. I can't wait to plant them in the ground :-) I tried romaine lettuce the same way in water. Had some small green leaves appear. The outer layer of the lettuce end turned rotten. This morning, when I woke up to the entire end of romaine lettuce rotten. It was time to toss the lettuce in the trashed.

  2. Thanks Sandy! Sorry about your Romaine. Did you have too much water in the container? I haven't tried lettuce but am thinking of planting some in the house just because.

    1. I'm not sure if had to much water or not. I placed just enough water to get the bottom of the Romaine wet but not enough to drowned it, lol. It was an experiment. I used the lettuce in a salad and had two bottoms and thought hmmmm let's give it a shot. I hope you have better luck then I did. I will however, plant lettuce seeds in the garden soon. Last years lettuce and spinach was really good. I had lettuce and spinach coming out of my ears (tons).


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