Friday, 2 March 2012

Making Tracks Too!

My post on Wednesday regarding the deer tracks made me realize I have to tell you about the other tracks we have. These ones however are a permanent fixture!

When we were building our house we decided we wanted nothing conventional and therefore have set out to be permanently different and slightly odd or unusual compared to most people we know.  Now I'm sure this idea is not unique as we can not possibly be the only ones to have done this, as even being slightly odd I'm sure there are others who are in our category.  But there I go again... digressing... seems to be a bad habit of mine.

By now you have probably guessed it anyway but I'll tell you just in case you didn't. We put animal tracks on the walls and ceilings of our house. Oh, not a lot of them really. Just a few in some unusual places to add a bit of character and be a source of conversation.

Elk tracks

Bear tracks. Mountain Man took some serious artistic license with these but I love them.

Goose tracks

Yesterday we decided to take a little drive to see if our family of deer has decided to stick around and we found a lot of tracks but no visual sightings. They are being very illusive and I don't blame them as we have resident coyotes and the other night I heard a wolf howl. We also found they had been very close to the house again and to give you a better perspective I place a quarter next to the itty bitty tracks I talked about on Wednesday.

So tiny!

We also discovered some very large rabbit tracks in the process. In comparison to the deer tracks this guy, or gal, is huge!

Tracks are so hard to take pictures of as the camera doesn't like to focus on them for some strange reason but look at that those! I didn't have a quarter in my pocket for this one but that is my camera lens cap which is  2 1/4 inches across sitting next to it. 

Well, I'm off to do some baking today. Scones, cookies, biscuits and pizza. Hmmm.... How am I going to manage not gaining weight this weekend?

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  1. What a very creative thing to do, putting animal tracks on your ceilings! I think that is the most amazing thing. I've seen them sunk into cement floors before, but you and your husband are so creative to think of doing that. I so enjoy reading your blogs. And, although very gluten intolerant, I love hearing about your baking adventures.


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