Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Story Book Day

So... I'm sitting here with my morning cup of tea looking out on what I think will be a beautiful day. The sun is shining brightly. There are a few clouds which are passing by, but the horizon suggests they will only be nice fluffy clouds and will hardly be a hindrance...  sigh... (have you caught on to the fact that I seem to sigh a lot? Really! So much can be said with a perfectly orchestrated sigh.)  I'm thinking I may have to get myself a horse so I can go riding on mornings like this.

I got up a bit earlier than usual this morning and was lucky enough to watch the moose eating across the field as I made my tea. See what I mean? A beautiful day. Which makes me remember an earlier day this week when things weren't so beautiful. When I awoke on Monday and looked at my clock I received a bit of a surprise. It was later than I thought but there was very little light. Thinking that perhaps the rain which had been projected to arrive for the last week may be on it's way I opened the curtains, reveling nothing but fog. Now fog isn't that unusual here really. We don't have it very often and when we do it is always burned off by the heat, the sun or blown away by the wind no later than mid morning. I really didn't think much of it.... besides! I had a blog to write and was excited to tell you about our walk on Sunday. So, I did.

When I looked up from my computer and other paper work I had been doing the fog was still there... hmmm.... oh well, back to my day. I had a lot I wished to accomplish and although I thought it strange I didn't give it too much thought. Noon came and went..... Still the fog hung around. The day had not brightened one bit from the time I woke up and I stood for some time looking outside. There was not even a breeze outside so everything was still. It was almost surreal. I couldn't see the pond... Couldn't see the fence in the pasture, or the turn in the driveway. It was almost like we were in the midst of a fairy-tale story or movie and I with my active imagination could almost expected something to appear out of the mist. Mountain Man and I joked that it would be weird if the fog was only on our property but didn't bother going for a drive. We wouldn't be able to see very far anyway.

I felt like I was living inside a cloud. It was so damp it seemed to reach in a suck the warmth from my bones and I kept adding wood to the fire in an attempt to get warm. To think the forecast had said the temperature was supposed to be 15 C/59 F today! LOL! I often think the forecasters just throw a dart or guess at what the weather will be like. Finally around 5 pm the fog thinned just enough for some of the trees to be visible and make it worth it to take a few pictures.

Look at that mist! Can't you see a knight on horseback riding out of it? lol!  I know.....  crazy imagination!

That evening after sunset, not that we were able to see it it just slowly got darker and darker, the wind started to blow. By morning the world was right again and the sky could be seen. I just can't help but love how unpredictable this place is and how there is always something happening. Have a great day everyone!

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