Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Weird Weather, Strange Birds

So.... here we are in the middle of March and the weather is turning spring like. I love spring but never expect it in March. I can't say I am complaining however. Remember my photo of the snowman a few days ago and the snow storm we had last week? Well...  things sure have changed! We had between 1.5 to 2 feet of snow at the end of last week but yesterday with our unusually warm weather things really changed.

This photo was taken yesterday in the late afternoon. Last night the wind was howling like crazy and even though it felt cold obviously it was still warm enough to melt the snow

By this morning almost all the snow is gone.

Now I expect to have a few nice days in March. I even expect sometimes, have it warm enough to melt the snow as has been happening over the last few days. But what I don't expect is to see geese. Yep! That's right, geese flying north. What a strange spring this is turning out to be.

At first I have to admit I didn't believe it. Mountain Man had been to a neighbors yesterday and told me when he came home that the neighbor had seen geese flying over head. I figured he must have been mistaken as we have had a lot of groups of crows flying and it is WAY to early for geese. So, today when Mountain Man came into the house and pretty much grabbed me and pulled me outside to see, I realized I was wrong.

What are they doing here so early and what does it mean for spring and summer this year? No clue, but it should be very interesting.


  1. Glo, Hey There Girl! I see from your pictures the snow is leaving. I think spring is here, even though it's not official until next week(I think) and I believe the strange winter has totally confused the birds.

    1. We shouldn't have spring for some time yet but this year looks to be an exception. I think you are right about the birds.

  2. same thing here in maine. my husband and i saw the geese flying in a week or so ago and my husband said to me "well i guess that means no more snow" and the ducks are back in my in-law's pond about a few weeks earlier than they were last year... my father in-law say's all the birds are "actin funny" this year.

  3. We have had record high temps here in michigan 80's, and it's supose to be like this intil next week with a cool down to 60's. Our normal temps should be in the 40's.


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