Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Goosie Adventure

So... there I was.... doing my least loved task of all time. Washing dishes, Yep! Up to my elbows in soap suds (well, maybe not quite all the way) and trying to get everything all sparkly clean. I've never been a fan of washing dishes but a long time ago I made the mistake of trading dishes for bathrooms with Mountain Man and it has been my lot ever since. Oh well, someone has to do them. Guess my name is Someone now.

Anyway, there I go flying off topic again. Dishes, yep, that's where I was, when I happened to see a nice big goose fly into a small puddle and start enjoying him or herself. Paddling around and having a fun time. Well, let me tell you, right away I tried to think of a way to put off finishing the dishes and what do you know I found a way to do it. I decided to take a closer look at Goosie and see if maybe I could take a picture or two.

The puddle he was in.

Camera? Check! Warm hat so I don't get my ear hurting again? Check! Off I went trying to look as inconspicuous as possible and hoping he, or she, would not notice me. Tiptoe off the porch, across the yard... Slow steps... careful now.... try and make him think you aren't at all interesting... You see me? I'm just some silly person looking at the ground, don't mind me, I won't bother you.... tiptoe.. stop and pretend I am doing something else... tiptoe... Sigh!!! Wings in flight! Guess I'm not as inconspicuous as I would like to be.

Anyway off he went! Flying back towards the pond which was still mostly covered in ice. I saw him splash down and suddenly my heart almost stopped. What had I done??? From my vantage point without the aid of my zoom camera lens it looked like he was going to be stuck in the ice. What if he wasn't able to get out? How thick could the ice be right there? Surely it wasn't very thick, he broke through on landing right?

I took this picture without really looking through the lens so didn't see how much space he had around him. 

Silly me! Why did I go and scare him? Even sillier when I ran, with rubber boots flapping against my legs, around the pond and realized he was going to be fine. He was easily breaking the ice and would have no trouble getting out.... Now don't I feel foolish...

Silly goose....... I meant me that time too....

Well, I am off to my first auction of the season today and am very much hoping to come home with something nice. Wish me luck! Have a great day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Good morning Glo, Nice pictures my friend, looks like the goose loves getting it's picture taken.

    I love auctions, here's hoping you find some real good stuff!!!


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