Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Batteries???

Ok, so we went into town the other day and guess what we found! Batteries!!!! Not sure about these as we are not at all familiar with the brand but we just couldn't help but purchase them. We had decided to take in some of our old batteries which we knew were no good anymore. The recycling place only give us $5 a piece for them but we didn't want them just sitting around here when we had no use for them as they won't hold a charge. While they were being unloaded Mountain Man noticed these beauties just sitting there.

Apparently they are from the a telephone company. When we tested them we found them to be in excellent shape and since they only cost us about $100 we felt we couldn't go wrong with purchasing them before we knew if they would really work for our system. There are eight in total, each with a 155 Amp hours. Plenty for our little system.

But the big question is... Will they work? According to the websites I've been able to find they are used as a standby system in case the power goes out.  Hmmm... They are a sealed battery and supposedly they don't even need to be vented outside. We can't wait to try them out but they will have to wait for a day or so as we have what seems like a million other things to do in the next few days and then with the long weekend coming up.  Well.... we probably won't get to them until next week. I guess having a lot of power isn't really a priority with us.  :)

If any of you have used or have knowledge of these batteries leave me a note!

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