Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Starting to Plant Seeds

So...  about two weeks back, with the weather warming up I was starting to get anxious about planting seeds. I can't put anything out into the garden until at least May long weekend but that means there are quite a few lovely veggies I could start right now. Alright!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I always am when I first start to put those little seeds into the soil. Sigh....

So there I was, excited, ready to go, and starting to get things together so I could start planting. I gathered the cans I've been saving. Might as well get some use out of them. Hmm.... What else can I use? Oh right! I have a whole whack of plastic cups. I've had these for 5 years and had no use for them... Well, they will work just fine for planting and I can no doubt save them again for next year as they are pretty sturdy. I started to fill all those lovely vessels with soil.  Look at them all standing in a row!

And then it hit me... I can't plant anything!!! We were going away for a few days and with it still freezing at night around here the soil was likely to get pretty cold as we don't have another source of heat in the house. Sigh... Nothing to do but wait till we got back since seeds need to be above 16 degrees Celsius (about 61 F) in order to start to germinate. I certainly wasn't taking any chances with my heritage seeds.

Well, once we arrived back home I planted asap! Red Hinkelhatz peppers, White Scallop squash, Montreal Market Melon, Cream of Saskatchewan watermelon, Farthest North tomato, Hartman's Yellow Gooseberry Tomato, Early Large Red tomato, Martino's Roma tomato and Bonney Best tomato. Doesn't that list just make you hungry?

Well after waiting anxiously all my little darling seeds seem to have begun to sprout... except for the Hinkelhatz pepper but I am hoping it just takes a bit longer. Also, there is one can with about 6 little plants in there.... opps! I think I planted it twice!

I have more to plant in the next while but am so glad to have things starting so nicely! Have a great day everyone!


  1. My daughter and I just went out and bought all of our garden supplies to start seeds tonight. We are making seed pots from old newpaper so we can just plant them as is in the ground. Now if only MI would warm up! :)

  2. Glo,

    Great start there with the seeds, soon you will transplanting into the garden. Hopefully, it will warm up soon for you to do so. I love the idea with the red cups, it reminds me of that song my son keeps playing by Toby Keith, "Red Solo Cup".


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