Friday, 4 May 2012

Can We Grow Fruit at -30?

Wednesday when we went to town we stopped at the local nursery. We were pleasantly surprised to see they had fruit trees. I've been doing some research on what can grow up here but so far have been a little leery of trying much other than apples do to the extreme cold and horrible winds we get in the winter. However, the other day I realized if we had just purchased them when we started building, by now I would have fruit producing trees. What a waste of time! I highly recommend that if you are purchasing property you plant your fruit trees before you even start building. Why wait? It can take quite a few years before the trees get large enough to produce fruit.

Since we waited so long we decided it would be necessary to buy trees that were quite a bit larger in order to have fruit within a few years. It is a lot more expensive if you do this and I feel pretty guilty about breaking the bank for these trees but I am also so excited at the prospect of having a mini orchard! Mountain Man is even talking about doing some cuttings and maybe expanding our orchard in the future.

So, what can grow in such a cold climate? Well, here's what we purchased.

2 apple trees each 8 feet tall. A September Ruby and a Gemnini. You need two different types or you have to have neighbors close by which have one. Our nearest neighbors are half a mile away and have no fruit trees so that wouldn't work.
No picture of the Gemini and it is raining so hard right now I don't dare go out to try to take a one.   

Look at that! -40!!! Yes! We are actually in zone 2a but this looks like it will work wonderfully and as the nursery is in the same climate I'm convinced they will grow here.

2 Valiant grape vines. This really surprised me. Grapes! I know nothing about growing grapes but I am so willing to learn!

2 Cupid cherry trees. Apparently they can be the same kind but I think I might need to do more research on this one. They aren't huge cherry trees like you might be thinking. These only grow to about 8 feet tall.

3 Saskatoon trees. These were just little guys and I'm sure it will be a few years before we get any fruit but I couldn't help getting them as Mountain Man loves saskatoon pie!

 2 plum trees, a Pembina and a Brook Red, each 6 feet tall. I had no idea plums could grow up here! Guess I didn't do enough research!

These trees will get huge!

Last but certainly not least in my book a rhubarb plant. I know, its not a fruit but I've been wanting one for a long time.

Here's the low down on the cost:

Apples 2 x $65 = $130
Plums 2 x $65 = $130
Cherries 2 x $25 = $50
Grapes 2 x $25 = $50
Saskatoon's 3 x $15 = $45
Rhubarb = $15

Total cost? $420 plus $42 in taxes!! Yikes!! Will it be worth it? Ask me in about 4 years....  I certainly hope so!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. We are in AK and I had no idea that we could grow grapes. I will have to give it a go. Good luck with yours!!!


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