Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Curious Visitor

I know I haven't been posting a lot about the wildlife around here lately but during the warmer months we don't see as much wildlife as during the winter. Maybe it is just that we are so busy with other things but this lovely lady didn't give us an option to ignore her.

It was late in the day and we were just relaxing and having a conversation about the day and things we were doing tomorrow when Mountain Man looked out the window and there she was. Standing next to the trees by the pond. She spent quite a bit of time watching Daisy who was not very far off. She was actually acting fairly strange for a deer. She would sniff the ground and then look all around, walk a bit further and then sniff some more. At first I thought she was eating but nope, a close look through the binoculars proved otherwise.

Looking towards the goats. She went into the trees there for a bit then came out again. Still looking everywhere.

Now she is heading towards the house and my garden.

Nothing much to look at there! I sure hope she stays way when there is!

So, what was she doing? A close look at her through the binoculars revealed a very full udder. My best guess is she lost her little one or misplace it. Poor girl. Where's your baby? I'm always amazed at how many deer decide to leave there little ones so close to the farm yard. We've seen one before and almost ran over it with the quad. They always seem to leave them in the long grasses next to the woods so we've made a concerted effort to stay way from those areas as much as possible. We want those little ones growing up! Venison... Yum! 

She even checked out the quad before heading back into the woods by the house. I hope she found her baby, if that is what she was looking for. I also hope she isn't back for a long time as I don't want her eating my garden once it is up. It is always fascinating watching the wildlife around here, but they can and do also cause a lot of problems. 

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  1. She obviously has no fear of coming close to the house. She is a beauty, I was thinking venison too, lol


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