Wednesday, 4 July 2012

After the Storm

Ahhh.... Internet!!! Yeah!  Funny isn't it how we get used to something and when it isn't there it leaves a big hole in our lives. These last few days without internet service have really had me thinking about what it must have been like for the pioneers. There were times when they wouldn't see anyone for months and months. How did they manage to stay sane? How they must have worried about their loved ones who weren't with them.

What about young women who married and moved off with their husbands, never to see family again, or the young man who went exploring and settled elsewhere. What easy lives we have in many respects compared to our ancestors! How much we take for granted!

I did find these last few days to be rather productive ones. With no internet or phone to distract me I was able to get a LOT more done around the place. My garden is finally looking much better due to the many weeds I've pulled. The potato's are hilled and the animals have been happy to have much more attention. Hmmm.....  Maybe the internet should go down more often?.... na.....

We are still assessing the damage from all the storms. We took a nice quad ride during a sunny part of the day and found hundreds of trees down and many leaning which had to be cut down. At least we will have a lot of firewood for the next few winters but how sad to see some of the largest trees on our property felled by the storm.

Thankfully we don't have any other real damage. Many of the farmers in the area have lost a lot more! We have heard reports for rooftops gone and huge metal buildings with large equipment inside just carried away. The neighboring little town fared OK, with only some damage done to a house roof and a few 100 year old trees felled. Not bad considering the tornado we saw! It must not have touched down in the town but rather in a field.

We did have another strange experience. We were relaxing for a bit in the afternoon and hear the sound of a small plane. It's not often we see small planes here so we looked to see what was going on. The crazy pilot was flying very low and actually buzzed our place! Poor Daisy was terrified and I thought she might break her neck trying to get away from the plane. He did this twice then flew to the next farm. I would have like to give him what for as he had no call to scare the animals like that but how to do that when he is up there and I am stuck on the ground. Crazy pilot.

We think now that he was probably out looking for storm damage but why he found it necessary to buzz us like that we will never know. Daisy however, seems none the worse for wear and has taken to using her little house as a look out tower.


  1. Glo,

    I'm happy to hear you didn't suffer much damage during that storm. It's a shame to lose all of those trees, but like you stated, it will make for some wood for the winter.

    Poor Daisy, she probably thought that plane flying over was a big monster coming to get her, lol.

    Don't work to hard today. Have a Happy Independence Day!

  2. I'm so glad to have found your blog. I live in Northern Minnesota and -30 is a familar temp. We are not off grid, however. We had some damage from that last storm and were without power for a couple of days. You are so right, I got a lot more done without the internet up and running.

    1. Thanks for stopping by odiie! :)


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