Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Frugal Tuesday - Opting Out

Going to work with Mountain Man yesterday was very very hot! I'm a bit of a wilter when it comes to the sun and melt into puddles very quickly. I also burn badly. So, as the work was all outside I made sure to take a hat and my SPF 60 with me and lathered up a few times. Despite the heat I did have fun and my arms, and legs for that matter, are feeling the pain of a lot of physical exercise. I don't mind one bit! There is just something about working hard that always makes me feel good. Two days in a row would have been a bit much though so I am happy to be home on the farm today. Besides.... my weed garden is calling.

I did take a break during one part of the day. I was getting a bit overheated and I needed a break so Mountain Man suggested I go shopping. There is a large box store going out of business and they have everything marked down to 50 to 70 % off. I though, "why not" and went to check it out.

The store was pretty packed with people taking advantage of the sale prices. Carts were loaded to the brim. I walked around staring at everything. There were some amazing deals! How can you not want to purchase something that is 70% off? Hmmm..... But did I really need anything that was on sale? I probably spent 30 minutes walking around admiring the prices and some of the items. And then... I opted out.

I didn't need any of these items and I doubt most of the people who bought them did either. Oh sure, if you are planning on buying something already and you find a great deal you should take advantage of it. But to buy something just because it is on sale? Nope!

We live in an increasingly commercialized society where we are constantly bombarded with the notion we need more stuff. Well, I don't! I'm really happy with what I have and if I do need to purchase something chances are I will see if I can figure out a way to make it first. Call me weird, call me crazy but I just don't see why Mountain Man or myself should work ourselves to death for stuff. There are so many things of greater importance. Mostly my sanity!

So, in the end I purchased a few things I hadn't figured out how to make yet and went back out into the heat to help Mountain Man. It was a good day!

Of course sunscreen was a necessity since I burn so badly. 


  1. Glo, I call that being frugal. Why go buy things just to buy. Doesn't make sense to me. I agree with you :-)

  2. You are right on, Glo! I think back on how many times I buy a "good deal" because I thought I "might" use it, or "might" wear it, only to later put it in a box to the Goodwill. I am learning - maybe not 100% yet, but almost! I just need to quit going to garage sales! Love your posts and appreciate your good example.


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