Monday, 16 July 2012

A Fruity Surprise

Brrr......  I'm sitting here hugging my tea an wondering why I am shivering and wearing heavy sweaters in the middle of summer. Oh! Yes! That's why! Because I live in the frozen north. OK, to be fair it isn't freezing outside it just feels that way. After the heat wave of the last few weeks today seems decidedly cold and it is only 70 F in the house. It's not like I can just turn on the furnace and warm the house up either. That would require lighting a fire in the wood stove and going outside to gather all the materials first. Nope, not going to do it, 70 isn't really that cool. I shouldn't need a fire in the middle of July so I'll just sit here underneath my cozy throw and drink my hot tea.

I do have something very exciting to tell you though! We are fruit growers! Yeah! Well.... Don't go getting all excited and jumping up and down or anything. I did enough of that for all of us. Saturday was a nice sunny warm day and we had just come back from a lovely ride on the quad.  Walking though the yard I couldn't help but glance at our one cherry tree that actually has fruit on it. I've been watching very carefully to see if any of them are ripe yet. So, far nothing but I am ever hopeful. Come on little cherries, grow!

Then, I'm not sure why, I decided to take a closer look at the other two cherry trees. One of them had set a little bit of fruit on but most all of it had blown away in the horrible winds during a storm. And then I found one! I couldn't believe it, hidden beneath some leaves was one perfectly ripe cherry. It was the only fruit on the whole tree and it was perfectly ripe and ready to eat.

So, we shared it. There we were two grown adults giddy with joy over one tiny little cherry. It was yummy! Can't wait till the others ripen! Of course they are a sour cherry but that is fine that tart flavor will someday (of course it might take a few years) make us delicious pies and jam. Can't wait!


  1. Wooohoooo (1) cherry, lol
    This really must make you feel great to have your trees already producing fruit. It also proves the trees are healthy and have taken to the soil and location planted
    Glo, what will you be doing with your cherries once there ready for harvest? canning, baking, making syrup ect....?

    1. Well, since we will only get a handful this year we will just eat them. In future years I hope to do a lot of canning and baking. Mmmm.... cherry pie! :)

  2. Very cool!!! out for the birds! They ate all of mine in one day, before they were ripe. In fact, they looked very much like your photo.


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