Friday, 6 July 2012

Spoke too soon!

When I posted on Wednesday I was so happy that the internet was back up and working, well, I spoke too soon. Yesterday as I was just getting ready to post my Rhubarb Apple Jam recipe it went down again. This time it didn't come back up. I knew something was wrong. It had been spotty ever since the storms but I had thought the problem was at the host tower. No such luck. 

What to do? Of course I did some gardening thinking it would come back up on its own. Nope. Waited some more. Nope. Finally decided to take a trip to the neighbors to use the phone. The only problem with having your phone internet based is that when the internet is out you don't have a phone either. Luckily we have some terrific neighbors. 

What ensued was a few trips back and forth as the internet company tried to figure out if the problem was on my end or theirs. Check this wire, that wire. Unplug and restart. Nothing worked and I was tired of the run around. Finally the nice man on the other end decided to do up a work order and politely told me that if no one came to fix it within the next week and a half to two weeks call back. Ummm.. What??? Two weeks??? Are you kidding me? OK, I didn't say that out loud as I am far too polite but I did think it.

What to do? This is where it really pays to keep phone numbers and always be polite and friendly. The nice  man who had set up our internet years back had given me his cell number as we had a few problems with it and he felt sorry for us, or maybe he is just that nice. Personally I think he is just that nice. Now I'm not one to take advantage but this really did seem like a bit of an emergency so I gave him a call and while he wasn't sure he would be able to make it before the weekend he promised to get to us as soon as he could. I left for home feeling much better. At least it wouldn't be weeks!

We had no sooner finished dinner than there was a knock on the door! There was our wonderful repair man. Imagine my surprise! He just didn't think he would be able to fit us in for quite a while and had decided to come by before heading home. Wow! Talk about nice! He found out that the storms had done something to our system and everything needed to be replaced. 

So, up the tower he went. Glad it was him and not me! I don't like heights much. Hopefully now the problem is fixed. While I realized I need a reprieve from the internet once in a while I would rather have it be of my own choosing! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Welcome back, lol.....I would hold on to that business card for a while. It's great when you have someone that knows what he's doing to fix your internet.

  2. That is some wildly impressive looking off grid internet pole-age. :)


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