Monday, 23 July 2012

They Grow Up So Fast!

Due to our continuing problem with hawks, owls and foxes it has been difficult to decide to let the little chickens out into the yard. The one saving grace is the barn swallows. We love those little birds and really don't care if they make a bit of a mess on the house or in the wood shed. They are so great at chasing away bigger birds and eating bugs that they are great helpers.

Some of them are very friendly and will serenade us while we work or sit outside.

Finally the day came when I just couldn't keep the little ones cooped up any more. I rigged a small enclosure in the old chicken run and hoped for the best. Then I popped the screen off the door and opened it. It only took about 30 seconds before the first one was out and then there was a fight to see who could get our first. Freedom! Watching them run around was rather joyful. They were sooo excited! 

The grass is pretty tall as there hasn't been any animals inside this enclosure for much of the summer. Since the boys and adult chickens were moved to the barn and another pasture. It was hilarious watching them wade through the long grasses.

Our poor adult hen with the hurt leg is slowly recovering but I don't think she will ever be able to walk normally. Thankfully the chicks have taken a liking to her and follow her around quite a bit. Here's hoping she can teach them a thing or too.

Of course laps are the best place for preening.

Even the rooster had to find his way out of the barn to check out the little ones. He seems to think he wants to get into the fence with them but I am a little leery about letting him too close just yet.

Is there anything cuter than a fuzzy little butt?

In the end I guess maybe I've been worrying too much because so far so good. I sure hope Mountain Man can find the time to help me finish the enclosure though as I will feel much better about leaving them for a few hours once it is all enclosed. My only difficulty so far is getting them to go back into the coop. They won't even go in there for a drink of water or to eat their food, and they absolutely refuse to go in at dusk so I have been relegated to catching them and taking them in. What kind of a chicken doesn't know when it is time to roost? Very strange....


  1. It's so much fun to see all those 'firsts'! Enjoy them :)

  2. Glo,
    But Mom, I don't want to go back inside! LOL.....
    They're cute, have fun.

    P.S. I posted the follow by e-mail on my blog as you requested.
    Still learning :-)

  3. I had to chase mine around, catch them and put them in the coop for a couple weeks but now they go in and roost on their own.

  4. Yep. We had to teach our 'youngsters' when it was time to go back in and how to get up on the roost. As for the rooster, male hormones --he's checking out his newest potential harem ladies. :)

  5. Thanks for the heads up! Glad it will only be a few weeks. :)


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