Wednesday, 1 August 2012

More Rain?????? Really???

We were sooo excited to see a forecast with four days in a row of beautiful sunshine and not a hint of rain. It is a big deal around here to have a week like that this year, especially when the hay in the fields is way past being ready to harvest.

Since we don't have any equipment of our own yet our neighbor shares our crop with us. He gets 60 percent for his trouble and his cows and we get 40 percent. I like this type of sharing as it allows us to get way more than we need for the winter and we don't have to purchase expensive equipment. He doesn't have to own the land but reaps the benefits in hay for his cattle.

This year with the unbelievable rain we've had means the crop is very high and thick, but it also means difficulty in getting it off without it getting rained on. His cows don't care too much but goats are pretty picky and need high quality feed.

This morning however we realized the forecasters were wrong.... Here comes the rain, and as I type this I can hear thunder in the distance.

Our poor lovely hay is about to get dumped on... sigh.... for the fourth year in a row! Sure wish I could send these clouds down to the many folks who really need it! 

Oh well, I will console myself with the lovely wild flowers Mountain Man picked for me. What a guy!

ps. If you haven't already make sure you check out "I Did It!" Tuesday. Lots of great posts there from many wonderful bloggers.


  1. Sorry to hear about your hay! We've been having a drought in most areas of Ontario. When the forecasters have called for rain, I hear the thunder and then the whole thing bypasses us--no rain!

    The wildflowers are so pretty. What a thoughtful hubby you have!

    Finally, thank you so much for leaving a comment on my post about the garlic harvest. Hope the links are helpful ~smile~.

  2. I would be more than happy to take that rain off your hands :-)
    Love the wildflowers, there beautiful.


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