Wednesday, 15 February 2012

If You Are Looking for a Community

The more I read and browse the internet, the more I find others like me who have chosen a slightly different type of lifestyle. Some are preppers, preparing for whatever the future may throw at them.  Some are environmentalists who want to save the earth and live as green as possible. Some are survivalists. Others consider themselves a combination but not fitting in one group or another. Me? I consider myself a type of homesteader and someone who wants to be more self-reliant. But no matter who or what brings someone to live this close to nature, to raise and grow their own food, there is a commonality.

Yet, even with what seems to be growing numbers of people deciding to opt out of what I call the "modern lifestyle" many of us are left without a sense of community. I live in a very rural area and my neighbors are modern farmers and think we are rather odd living the way we do. Much of the older generation is gone and there are few left to teach us the old ways of living. I lament daily on the wisdom has been lost with the older generations. My grandmother lived pretty much the way I live now but I can't turn to her and ask her how she did it or how she dealt with this situation or that.

It is, I believe in our human nature to seek out others like ourselves and learn from them. To that end the internet has become the tool of choice for many. There is so MUCH information out there and so many who are willing to share what they know. Of course not all information is necessarily good information, but still, even from making mistakes we can learn.

It is on the internet we can "meet" people of like mind we can bounce ideas off of or someone to pose a question too. If perchance you are one of those people looking for a community of like minded individuals I would like to introduce you to Earthineer.

This community was created and organized by Dan Adams about two years ago. It is, and I quote,"a community and social site for self sufficiency - gardening, preserving and canning, seasonal cooking, beer and wine making, crafts, keeping livestock and everything in between. Whether you're an accomplished gardener who jars tomatoes and braids garlic, a home-brewer who grows their own hops, or a beginner looking for advice, Earthineer helps you connect with people who share your interests."

Well, I'm off to town today! So much to do and so little time! Maybe I will take my camera along just in case...  :) Have a great day!


  1. Looks like a cool site. I'm on facebook because I kinda feel like need to be, but this looks like a site I will want to go to.

    Thanks for sharing...I just signed up!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I will def go check it out as it seems like something I may be interested in as well.


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