Thursday, 16 February 2012

Recipe Thursday - Mountain Man Makes Chocolate Bar

What is it with some people and sweets? It seems like a little isn't enough and lots just means make more. Whatever it is, Mountain Man has a sweet, sweet tooth and if I don't bake enough, or even if I do, sometimes it still isn't enough and he craves something more. Especially when it comes to chocolate! Sigh..... I've gained only a couple pounds this winter but if I'm not careful I will gain a couple more!

Well....  this last week apparently the cookies, scones and other treats were not quite enough to satisfy his craving so he decided to do something about it himself. Now, I certainly don't mind when he takes over in the kitchen! There is nothing so satisfying as watching a man cook. At least for me that is. But it's what he makes I have such a problem with, as I know it will be something I want to eat and don't dare. It will also be something he takes great pleasure in tormenting me with. In his laughing good natured way that is. He loves to take very, bad for me things, and break them into very small bits, put them in front of me and say, "see, its just a small piece." He knows full well that I can never stop at just one! Oh dear! Whatever will I do with him? (shaking my head and laughing out loud). So without much more adieu here is his recipe (or rather what I saw him put in it) that I couldn't seem to stay way from this week...  But be prepared! It is NOT good for you!

Mountain Man's Chocolate Bar

Search cupboards to see what is available. Pull out chocolate chips and salted peanuts. Place on counter. Look and root around some more...  Hmm... Not much there. Suddenly spy cornflakes. Gaze at them thoughtfully and finally grab them too.

Find medium sized pot in bottom cupboard. Place on stove in nice warm spot. Start pouring in chocolate chips until you think it is enough. Add some more just in case it isn't.

Stand by stove and stir chips with wooden spoon while they melt. Be careful not to melt too fast and don't burn them.

When all is nicely melted remove from heat. Pour in peanuts. Give it a stir. Pour in corn flakes. Stir a bit more. Maybe a few more cornflakes. Yep! That's about right.

Scrape into a shallow baking dish and spread out (usually my 9 x 13 cake pan). Cover. Take outside where it is freezing cold or place in refrigerator for an hour or so. (Just a side note if I was making this I would put wax or parchment paper on the bottom of the pan first and I would use the crisped rice instead of the corn flakes.)

Once cool and hard bring back in and crack into small pieces. Place in front of wife with wicked grin knowing she is going to eat some because she can't help herself. Settle back to watch and grin. Maybe move it a bit closer to her so she sees all the lovely little bits waiting for her to eat. Grin some more.

Sigh.... See what I mean? Oh, and if your wondering why there isn't a picture.... It's because we ate it all! and I gained another pound........


  1. LOL! Sounds good!! I need to send you the homemade snickers recipe!
    The Anonymous Homesteader

  2. Oh so FUNNY! This reminds me of my dad, who had to have dessert for every meal(all the women in the family were the plump ones...and not him!)My sister and I wrote down a cheesecake recipe for fun as my mom was trying to put together "something different" one time. It was so funny because there wasn't much cream cheese in it and everything else was lacking terribly (butter, etc) except we had sugar, so it still passed and went over quite well! My mom was so good at making something from next to nothing!

    Your treat sounds really wonder it's all gone!

  3. I do this when I need just a little bit of sweet - I add peanut butter and if I don't have cereal or nuts I just eat the melted chocolate and pb with a spoon - mmmmm! However, mine doesn't get "presented" quite like your MM's. Take care. Gloria

  4. Sounded divine and very creative on his part. Yum, yum! You are such a good writer. I could picture it all in my mind.

  5. Glo, Gotta love a man that wants to show you he loves you by being a little devil and tempting you with his homemade chocolate bar :-)

  6. Thanks for all your comments. :) Life is never dull around here!


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