Friday, 17 February 2012

A Little Bit o' Fun

So, I stumbled down the stairs yesterday morning and as usual glanced outside to see if any of our moose friends were about. They have a tendency to eat late in the even and early in the morning so, often by the time I am really up and about they are bedded down somewhere for the day. But, what should I see? Two, count them! Two beautiful boys eating in the field behind the house! All right! I was awake now!

I rushed to get dressed, (come on clothes! Oh boy! Now my shirt is inside out and backwards.. I'll fix it later. Why does it take so long to dress when you are in a hurry?) quickly grabbed my camera and headed outside hoping they would still be there. They had barely moved! Yeah me! The funny thing is I wasn't exactly quiet and I know they knew I was there but just didn't care. In fact they didn't even bother to glance in my direction, just went on eating and browsing for food. Look at them! Aren't they gorgeous!

I'm really not sure who this guy is. I know it can't be Rocky or Bullwinkle as his antlers are huge and it looks like he hasn't shed them yet. It's not that common but sometimes they don't shed their antlers until spring.. We have some new visitors!

To give you a bit of perspective as it is hard to see in the picture how big he really is here he is walking close to a huge bale of hay which is about 5 1/2 feet tall. If he was actually right up beside it I think you would see that his shoulder is about eight inches or more higher than the bale which would make him over 6 feet tall.

Meanwhile his buddy was grazing about 100 yards away.  He is either fairly young as his antlers are itty bitty or (most likely) he shed his earlier and they are just starting to grow back. In any case he sure looks nice and healthy.

So there I am, happily clicking away at these two boys and then I happen to glance to my far right and what should I see? A female moose! Yep! She was there all along and I just didn't see her! By the time I moved my camera around she was moving off and I almost didn't get her picture.

See her belly hanging low? I'm thinking there is definitely a baby on the way! May can't come soon enough now and I sure hope we are able to get a glimpse of the young one.

So, since yesterday was such an exciting morning I hoped this morning would prove to be the same, but, alas! No moose friends to see. It is however a rather beautiful morning as the trees are all frosted over and glittering like jewels in the morning sunlight.

Oh how I wish some of the moose would have been around this morning! What a back drop this would have made to the photo's.

Here is a close up of the frost covering the trees. If only the camera could pick up how it shines and glimmers in the morning sunshine. Have a great day and weekend everyone!


  1. So nice when company comes by to visit! Oh what fun that was for you to see all of those moose friends.

    Your frost is gorgeous, thanks for those shots as well. Clear blue skies and the treat of the ice on the trees.

  2. Very cool photos...thanks for sharing!

  3. Glo,

    Great pictures! I must say Mrs. Photographer, the pictures you take are just totally fabulous. There is nothing better than capturing life through the camera lens. Have fun, chat with you later.

  4. Thanks Ladies! :) I just noticed one of the pictures disappeared before I published it,so have replaced it. Sorry for the mix up! :)


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