Monday, 12 March 2012

Boredom Does Strange Things

We had a very quiet weekend...  No, I mean we had a VERY quiet weekend! There were no animals to see during the day, the elk were back Saturday night it was really too dark to see them well. So what do you do when you really don't have anything pressing to do? I mean not that there aren't always things that need to be done. My list is at least as long as my arm but sometimes you just don't feel like getting to it. Perhaps it was the weather? I've seen beautiful warm days in March before but this was so amazing! How is one expected to stay indoors doing anything when the weather is calling your name? Well, of course you can't.

So, we went outside and sat and had our coffee and enjoyed the day.  It was so quiet there weren't even any birds around. No bugs buzzing either though, sigh....  I love this time of year! Of course you can only sit and drink coffee for so long and then you have to do something... but what? There really is nothing to do out here until the snow melts and it was melting....  just look at it! Why...  It makes nice snowballs too! Hehehe.....  yes it does!

After the fun with snowballs of course one thing led to another......... May I present Gilbert the snowman.

Mountain Man says I am supposed to say we had grandchildren here and that's why we built it...  LOL!  It was just us! I don't care how old I get to be I never want to be too "old" to want to build a snowman. This morning I looked out and poor Gilbert has lost his hat, eyes, mouth, and nose....  Oh well! Let the melt continue!

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  1. Hey, you are never too old to build a snowman! And I think Gilbert looks really great! But, I'm with you - the snow needs to melt!! Time for Spring!
    Anonymous Homesteader


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