Friday, 9 March 2012

An Explosion of Light

Well, I'm a little late with my blog this morning but I have a good reason.... really! OK Maybe not a good reason but still, I'm trying here...  We have been staying up rather late this week and for some reason my body decided to sleep in and my internal alarm clock decided not to go off. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and it was 9:30 am! Wow! So, why do I still feel tired? Ahh, therein lies the story....

For one thing having noticed that the deer and other wild creatures seem to be only coming out at night we have purposely stayed up to watch them and see who comes to visit. So far we have had visitors almost every night this week! Last night for instance the herd of deer came back and were only feet from the windows. Wow! It's pretty cool to watch the wildlife here! However, the solar flares have caused another phenomena which has also had our attention. Northern lights!

These have been northern lights like I have never experience before. We have been here for 5 years and have watched the sky carefully each year only catching sporadic glimpses of these lights. In every case, except for this week, they were faint and white. Nothing really exciting although we did enjoy watching them. These northern lights however were white, green, pink, and a lovely shade of violet. They danced like nothing I have ever seen and were right above our house! We stayed up until after 2 am watching them. What a night!

I do apologize for not having good photo's for you. I am still learning how my lovely camera works and have not figured out how to take pictures at night. To be fair however, they danced so fast and changed colors so quickly that I'm not sure photo's would have turned out regardless of my proficiency.

Anyway, hope you have a fabulous weekend! See you on the other side!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful way to enjoy nature with someone you love, even if it does result in an exhausting morning the next day!

  2. I had heard that those in the north would have a lovely show and a show you had! So lucky to have seen those. Your pictures may not show how amazing it was to you, but to me, they look spectacular.

  3. Glo, Northern lights, omg!!!! Beautiful, love your pictures. I remember seeing the Northern Lights as a kid up in Michigan. Once in a blue moon, we get to witness them here in Oklahoma.

  4. Hey, if you scroll down quickly through the pics, they look like what I expect the northern lights would really look like although I've never seen them :) So, yes, your pics definitely make a statement! Gloria

  5. Oh... so pretty! I so wanted to see them but the weather here did not cooperate. Love your photos!


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