Monday, 26 March 2012

The Porch Gets Started!

Well, those clouds on Friday hung around all day but it wasn't until the sun had set that things got really interesting. I heard a sound I haven't heard since last fall. Rain! Rain drops on the roof! I absolutely love the sound of rain. So immediately thought, "how lovely!" Boy was I wrong! Mountain Man went out to investigate and discovered it wasn't your average rain but rather ice crystals. He took one step outside and almost landed flat. Sure wouldn't want to be on the roads in that weather. Still....  I really enjoyed the sound of the "rain" on the roof all evening....

This spring seems to be the time when a lot of little projects are getting done and I am really excited about the one which was started on Friday. Up until now we have had nothing by the entry door. No porch, no deck, nothing.... It bugs me a bit. When you live out in the country you need something to stop all the mud, sand and snow from being tracked in. Up until now there had just been no time to put one in, well until now that is!

On Friday morning Mountain Man had finished digging the holes for the concrete as well as mixed and poured it. Sunday it was ready to go and we could finally get the roof started.

Yep, still white stuff on the ground from Friday evening but as you will see it disappeared throughout the day. See the rebar in the middle? I think it's sticking out about 6 to 8 inches.

Hole drilled in the log. I love how Mountain Man makes everything so rustic! It took quite a bit to get the log to settle as it is a very snug fit.

Two up and braced, two to go!

Standing in a row and the supports going on.

Supports all up. Snow pretty much all gone.

Plywood all done! I can't wait for the rest to be finished! Mountain Man has promised me a hitching post as well... :)  I can just see us sitting on the porch enjoying the evening... well, if the bugs aren't too bad that is!


  1. Glo, I sure can see you and Mountain Man up on the porch at sunrise and sunset, drinking some ice tea in the summer and hot tea when the temperatures cool. I love what you've done with the posts, rustic is beautiful. Are you laying concrete for the flooring or will the floor be rustic?

    1. Hi Sandy, It will be rustic too. :)


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