Friday, 20 April 2012

Busy Days Ahead

We have had a few very busy days this week and it looks like they will be continuing for the foreseeable future, if all goes according to plan. I am so excited! When I am excited about something I can't sleep and last night was no exception. Oh, I fell asleep alright but was wide awake from 3 am on! That has to change! I suppose when I get tired enough I will sleep all the way through.

So, what has me so excited? Well...  we took a drive yesterday to a wonderful little farm that sells purebred Nubian milk goats. I grew up drinking goats milk and have always loved it so had been wanting one for some time, however, the more Mountain Man and I researched the more we liked the idea of raising them ourselves and selling them to others. Hence the long drive to visit a wonderful couple who breeds them. Many of their stock end up in show rings but that wasn't what we were really after. A show goat is very pretty and will no doubt be a good milker too but I'm after more the milker than the looker. Luckily they have a great many to choose from.

Of course I took my camera along but I was so busy I didn't take many pictures...  Doesn't this one look like the one is whispering in the others ear?

Do you think she will pick me?

Here are some of the big boys taking a nap. They are gorgeous!

So what did we come home with?? Stay tuned! I will say that one of them needs a name and anyone who reads this is welcome to help out.


  1. Glo, Sounds like you got yourself some goats.
    Is it to early to say congratulations?

  2. Yeah for you! If you need a boys name may I suggest Filbert.

  3. Boys names:Goatee (hahaha sorry couldn't resist)
    Girls names:Goatilla (ok seriously now)
    Boys: George or Wilber
    Girls: Georgena or Wilma
    Yeah I am not much help!


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