Monday, 23 April 2012

The Herd Comes Home

Well, we did it. It wasn't easy but we did make the decisions necessary and brought home some wonderful new farm members. We choose purebred Nubians for our herd and I couldn't be more pleased. They are docile and very friendly.  In fact, we can't go anywhere without them in their little pasture and if they see us anywhere in the farm yard they call to us. Which is fine with me as I enjoy spending time with them. To top it all, off three of them have recently freshened and give the most delicious milk. I can't wait to start making cheese!

For the first day they refused to leave the barn unless one of us was with them and it wasn't until Mountain Man and I both spent a few hours with them that they decided being outside in this huge space was OK. Of course all I have to do is call them and the whole herd comes running to see what I want.

As you can see the pasture hasn't been used for a while. It sat empty last year and since we didn't have much snow it is still very high.

Of course everyone knows the very best part is at the top. 

These are the boys. They are both still bottle babies and where having a little bit of a hard time getting around in the long grass.

Everyone wanted their picture taken. 

Then it was time for a nice nap. At least for the older ladies. These are my milkers. In the front is Silver Doll, behind her is Vivian and the very back is Phantom Lady. The other 5 girls are all a year old and will not be bred until fall.

There are only two that need names and they are the boys. These two little guys are so adorable! It is hard not to spend all day in the barn! The little one on the left is only 3 weeks old so he is a lot smaller but it won't take him long to grow. If you would like to suggest a name for either of these leave a comment below. Names will be announced on Wednesday. 


  1. Love the adorable Nubian ears on the wee ones!
    I name my goats in the traditional way...I use the mama goats initial, so my doe Lily has Liam and Lilac, Gabby had Gustav and Gerte, Molly had Morpheus and Max, and so on. Helps me keep track of who belongs to who when there are a mob of kids racing around and I have to get them in the pens with their mamas!
    A friend of mine names her "bottle babies" after herbs and there's an idea, too! How about Sage and Fennel?

  2. Nubian Goats originated from Africa you could name the bigger boy Rooi (red in afrikaans)the baby one could be Bruin for brown...
    They are just too cute (all of them) I just want to hop on a plane and come stay with you forever! I love goats.

  3. My hubby suggests Kid and Buck (I think he is living in the past. He had a goat named Kid. :)

  4. Glo, My husband suggested for names Bert and Ernie or Newton and Einstein.
    Congratulations on your goats, Nubians are so sweet! They will pose for pictures and entertain you :-)

  5. Hi Glo,

    I'm sure enjoying your blog and look forward to reading all new posts. These goats are beautiful! Lucky you! I would love goats some day.

    My suggestions are Zebulon for the older one and John Boy for the little one. Can you tell I love the Waltons? LOL


  6. I am in love with the little guy on the right, with those long white ears of his i think Thumper would be an adorable name! I want to say that i absolutely love this blog, it is such a treat for my husband and i to follow along each week, thank you for sharing this amazing journey!

  7. I can only think of "paired" names; Tweedledee & Tweedledum, perhaps? I like Sandy's suggestion of Bert and Ernie, too! Won't matter what you name them in the end, they'll always be adorable ;)

    Wanted to let you know I've selected you for a Liebster Blog Award! Check it out and keep up the good work:

  8. This is a bit quirky, but how about Owen and Roger...Buck Owens and Buck Rogers...LOL
    Anonymous Homesteader

  9. Thank you everyone! Much appreciated! The names chosen by a very scientific method (Picking out of a hat) will be posted on tomorrow. :)

  10. Cynthia Ferguson24 April 2012 at 12:41

    We had 40 Nubians about 20 years ago. I just loved them. We had two born in the dead of winter. We kept them in the house and bottle fed them one was big and one was small.
    We named them Wimpy and Hefty.


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