Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Short Walk on a Cool Day

The worst thing I can do with an ear infection is go outside when it is cold but I just couldn't help myself. Besides I was starting to feel better and was itching to get outside! The sun was shining and I could see we had some visitors on the pond. I've been waiting for some of the local birds to arrive. While we have seen hundreds, perhaps thousands, fly overhead this is the first time we have had some land. I am so hoping they stick around! So, I bundled up and made sure the cold air wouldn't get to my ears and ventured out. So glad I did! 

As I approached the pond a lovely Red Winged Black bird greeted me with a song and continued to sing for the duration of my visit. A lot of residents in the area are not fond of these birds as they are very territorial and sometimes destroy the habitat of other local birds. I love them however as they eat a lot of insects and are always willing to sing me a song.

The ducks were being a little shy but I managed a few photos. Every spring it is the same. All the birds are very shy and I have to slowly get them used to my presence. By the end of the summer they will be less afraid and I will, hopefully, get much better closeups. 

These little beauties are Canvasbacks. While there were two females and two males they couldn't seem to decide who belonged to whom and it was amusing to watch them. 

The ducks seem to have a hard time in our ponds and over the years we haven't observed very many raise a brood. This is most likely due to the foxes in the area as we have seen much evidence of their ability to decimate a nest. We have been planning on placing some nesting boxes in the water where the foxes can't get to them but haven't had the time to do it yet. Maybe this year. 

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