Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Back to Winter.....

Sorry for not posting my usual today and yesterday but I have been a bit under the weather with an ear infection and we were away for a few days. When we left spring was well on its way and the weather was beautiful. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case when we came home.

We had quite a long drive as we had traveled a fair distance so getting home took all day but the weather was beautiful when we started out. We enjoyed the sunshine and even with my ear infection and a raging headache I was still enjoying the rather scenic drive. I love country roads and will sometimes take a longer way home if it means I can see some great sights and possibly have a chance to use my camera, but this time I was mostly dozing and enjoying the sun on my face while Mountain Man drove due to my not so lovely afflictions.

About 4 hours into the drive he suddenly slowed the car and stopped so I knew something was up. Indeed there was! I had been so hoping we would see Pronghorn Antelope and there one was!

One lonely Pronghorn Antelope all by himself.  What a good looking specimen! He was fat and sassy.  Mountain Man rolled down the window and made some silly calling sounds which made him stop and look back at us so we could get a front picture. 

As you can see the day was pretty nice. Sunny and warm.... That is until we were about three hours from home, then everything changed. A spring snow storm had been through the area the day before and the roads were snow covered and very icy. At one point I wondered if we would make it back but Mountain Man is a great winter driver and we managed it. Although I think my poor car took quite a beating the last half hour on the gravel roads as we had to plow through many snow drifts. We really didn't think we would make it into the driveway and although we didn't make it right to the house at least we were within a nice walking distance. 

I have to say however, having to shovel snow to get to the front door was not a fun experience.

With my car stuck in the driveway I don't think we will be going anywhere anytime soon. Oh, we can get out if we need too with the truck but we don't really need anything and I need to spend a few days getting better. Besides, the snow will melt soon enough.


  1. Do you have garlic and olive oil for your ear infection?
    Great wilderness pictures!

  2. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Ear infections are no fun. The garlic and olive oil Jessica mentioned works good on ear infections. Feel better soon!!!

    By the way, I love your pictures.


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