Monday, 21 May 2012

The Babies Get Spoiled

Mountain Man is a softy, there is no living it down and no denying it any more. For a big burly man who hunts, traps and has butchered or helped to butcher many an animal he is at times, at least to me, a conundrum. Here is a man who tough in every sense of the word. He is a he man, a man's man and a man to "ride the river with". He now sports a big bushy beard and has a tendency to dress very backwoods country. Which is why I call him Mountain Man. Yet for all his manliness he is a total pushover in some ways. I have proof!

It all started when we brought home the two male goats. Of course it might have something to do with them being bottle babies and cuter than anything else on four legs. Or it could be that they are always calling Maaa. Seriously? I thought goats were supposed to say Baa. Nope! These boys insist on saying Maaa or Paaa. I'm telling you there is some sort of conspiracy going on here but needless to say we are both hooked and until they start to smell as all billies will tend to do during mating we can't help but love them. I expected this of me but didn't expect it of Mountain Man.

So there we were, working away outside trying to get the garden ready. So much to do! Thankfully the weather has been fantastic and we have found ourselves spending all day outside working on a ton of spring chores. Of course the "boys" won't let us pass by them without calling to us or doing some silly thing to make us laugh. We enjoyed this for quite some time but then Mountain Man decided they were bored and needed something to do. In short. They needed toys...... Toys? for goats? yep....

It's not like we were going to spend any money on this. No way! But baby goats being kids are easily amused, a wooden box and a tunnel are all it took. The wooden box is old nesting boxes from the coop as it is being redone and the the tunnel is an old piece which he found at a neighbors. Everyone around here tends to keep odd things as you never know when you might need them.

Now we are more entertained then ever and the boys are very happy indeed. The first place they go every morning when put into the run is straight to their toys. 

Apparently it is also good for teething...

It took a long while for them to figure out how to stand on top of the slippery round tunnel.

Nemo about to fly.

A great place to relax after all that play.

A high flying leap. 

Best buds.

Yep, our goats have toys.... Still shaking my head over this one but what a great idea and the entertainment factor is always a plus.


  1. Glo, The boys are adorable and I can see extremely entertaining. How is your gardening coming along? Glad to hear you and Mountain Man were able to get your fruit trees planted.
    Everything is going pretty good in my garden. I do have more things to plant and transplant but that will have to wait until after my sons graduation. We have guests coming, so need to get somethings done in the house. Have a great day, catch you later. Your Friend Sandy

  2. Adorable! The wee kids here have the habit of climbing into any available human lap and one, Nola, has found if she takes a flying leap at a human's chest, they will catch her. This, apparently, has immense entertainment value for her!

  3. We've had different breeds of baby goat(Alpine, Lamancha, and Nubian)and there isn't anything cuter than a Nubian baby goat!


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