Friday, 18 May 2012

An Award and My Nominations

The rain is pounding down today but that is perfectly OK because I spent all day yesterday in the garden and my raspberries, plums, apples and cherries are now all planted. Yes! Finally! It took us a while to start planting them as the ground was still too cold but yesterday the conditions were perfect and aside from a little sunburn on my back all went very well.

Twice now I have been nominated for blogger awards and have not given the wonderful people who nominated me the recognition they deserve so as the rain pours down and before I start my baking I thought I should take few minutes to say thank you, so....

A huge thank you to the "farmer" from Farmpartment for nominating my blog for the Liebster Blog Award. The Liebster blog award is meant to highlight up and coming blogs that haven't yet amassed a large following (less than 200 followers). Those nominated shout for joy and then nominate 5 other deserving blogs and in this way pass the love around. I suppose it is a bit like a chain email but who doesn't like to get nominated for an award and get a bit of help getting noticed?

So, now comes the task of finding 5 other blogs to nominate. It didn't take long to find a few well deserving writers to nominate.

My picks are:

Misquito Creek Farm: This is a great information pack blog which I return to again and again. I have enjoyed watching and reading about life on this farm and plan on trying her recipe for homestead cheese very soon.

Haggy Housewife: Every time I arrive at her site the caption "start your day with a smile and then get over it" cracks me up. A wonderful little blog loaded with  information and recipes all done in a humorous and creative way.

Frippery Farm: Gwenivere at At Drop the Shoe is funny, quirky and just plan fun. Her live is always interesting to read about and her writing is inspiring, not to mention she takes a lot of pictures.... I like pictures!

My Old Kentucky Homestead: Katy always inspires and and highlights the important things in her life in a lively and interesting way. I love her writing style and the wonderful pictures and video's of her life.

The Anonymous Homesteader: A new little blog I have really enjoyed reading. While she/or he remains anonymous and doesn't post pictures I find myself looking forward to reading every post and wondering how she is doing today.

Take a few minutes and check them out if you have the time. I have sooooo much to accomplish today and a sad little lady in the barn with a sore leg that needs some attention. Have a great day everyone!

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