Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Frugal Tuesday - Doing Something Grandmotherly

Well, I feel old. I'm a grandmother.... There! I said it! OK, OK to be more realistic I'm a step-grandmother but a grandmother none the less. So, in keeping with grandmotherly tradition as I had a new little grandson on the way I decided to do something my grandmother did all her life. Crochet the new little one a blanket. Crocheting is in my blood and in fact it wasn't just my grandmother who crocheted but my grandfather too. He was well known for his rag rugs, which I have yet to try making, however I am determined to one day soon.

I have to say I am not the best crocheter. Not that I don't love to do it, especially in the winter time when there is not much else to do, but I am a rather impatient crocheter and certainly not patient enough for complicated patterns. The desire for that sense of accomplishment at a completed project is enough however to spur me on and ensure I finish it. Also, I love working with my hands and leaving something for the next generation to enjoy.

So, now that baby has been born and the blanket has been sent I can finally share it with you. It was a simple pattern from Bernat. I love that they have so many free patterns to choose from and I usually go there for my patterns first. The one I chose is quite simple but alas my penchant for changing things lends itself to my craftiness as well so you will notice the border is completely different than the one in the pattern. I started making it the same but decided I just didn't really like it so did it my way instead.

The pattern I used can be found here, but you do have to become a member to obtain it. It's no big deal really and doesn't cost anything. The yarn I obtained on sale at Walmart and the total cost ended up being about $10. Not bad as long as I don't factor in all my time... of course I never do.


  1. Glo, Congratulations Grandma! The blanket you made for your new Grand Child is beautiful.

  2. Finally delurking to tell you how beautiful your baby blanket is! My skills are nowhere near as good as yours, but I love to crochet also. Right now I'm in the process of crocheting blankets for my twin grandbabies, but at the rate I'm going, they'll be six months old before they get!

    1. Thank you Debi! You can do it! It sure is time consuming though. :)


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