Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Rain Just Won't Let Up

Well, here we have another cold, dreary and rainy day, that's three in a row now. This means I will have to be quick today with my posting as the power levels are low. The forecast isn't going to change much in the next few days either. I guess I shouldn't complain as all the rain barrels are full and that is a sight I love to see.

Fresh rain water! Nothing makes my hair softer and my dishes sparkle more than washing in rain water. We also love to filter and drink it. Since we really are not fond of our well water I'm really hoping we will have rain water to use all summer long. It is a bit of work to catch it and transfer it to a holding tank but so worth it!

I was watching the ducks on the pond this morning and the rain doesn't seem to bother them at all, lucky ducks.  Hmmm.... maybe that's where that term came from.

And then my computer froze... just froze... So I sat here for a while and then realized I had too much to do and I didn't have time to wait for it to reboot as I had a lunch appointment in town with a dear friend I hadn't seen in a while. I haven't dressed up and put makeup on in so long I think I almost forgot how! It was a nice change but I am grateful to not have to do it on a daily basis anymore. Maybe circumstances will be different sometime in the future but for now I am loving this country life!

While I was in town I made a lovely discovery and purchase which I will share with you on Friday. So excited but must run as the ladies are patiently waiting to be milked.

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