Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Frugal Tuesday - A Flower Pot Extraordinaire

A few years ago, when we were still in the building process Mountain Man was looking for large trees to use for certain projects around the house. The trees in our area really don't have a large circumference. Luckily one of our neighbors had a piece of property with a large tree and indicated he wanted it taken down as it was leaning dangerously. Of course we were more than happy to go buck it up and bring it home. Unfortunately the tree was not usable for what we needed but it did give us some lovely wood for the fire.

Mountain Man just couldn't bring himself to use the largest portion for firewood as he really was hoping to find a project to use it in. So there it sat for almost 3 years and every time we walked outside there it was just staring at us asking, what are you going to do with me? Well, Mountain Man surprised me the other day and created a wonderful planter with it. So simple and so cost effective! Cost to build? A bit of gas for the power saw, some elbow grease and some left over plastic from another project.

First he hollowed it out. Sorry! No shots of that as he was doing it as a surprise and I didn't know what he was up too! Then he used some left over Blueskin from when we put in our small basement space. Because this is a soft wood and will rot fairly fast when wet he wanted to protect the wood as best as possible. You could use any type of plastic to line it with. 

This is the way it was when I found out what he was doing. Surprise! All filled with soil and waiting for flowers.

The finished project with flowers and all. He even purchased these without my knowledge! I love how he left the knots, growths and other interesting features on it. I absolutely love flowers and this was really the ultimate gift of flowers for me. Something that will last for years and not die off in a few days like cut flowers. 


  1. Very, very cool - clever Mountain Man :)

  2. Glo, I don't have to tell you how talented your Mountain Man is. Now that was such a sweet surprise.

  3. That's adorable - and so frugal! I love it!

    1. Thank you! It looks even better now as the flowers are very big! :)


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