Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Spring is Really Truly Here!!

It is May 9th and spring is finally here. In many parts of the world those words would have been uttered quite some time ago and perhaps maybe here it would have been uttered by many already but for me spring doesn't truly arrive until the trees start to leaf out, the robins are back and the garden is getting tilled. This year it has been a long wait. It is still pretty cold at night (close to the freezing point most nights) and the winds make it even colder but seeing that first robin yesterday brought me a thrill of delight. Finally it is time to get the garden ready for planting. I doubt I will be able to plant anything for a few weeks yet as it is still too cold even for the cold crops but soon, very soon, I will have the thrill of digging my hands in the soil and getting dirt under my nails.

In this cold climate I am often tempted to plant some vegetables early, such as beets, carrots and cabbages, but I have found that if I wait until at least the end of May, maybe early June they produce a much better crop. So, this year I will wait and try to be very patient. It is hard at times as the growing season here can be so short  but patience is sometimes very key to good produce.

Look at that! Leaves!!! I have many friends and family down south where the temperatures are already into the 90's during the day. I often wonder if one can really appreciate the wonders of spring until you have lived in the frozen north for a few years.

We don't own a tractor yet, so seeing a wonderful neighbor drive down the road yesterday evening with this little beauty was very exciting. The first pass was made but the ground is so wet we can't make a second pass until it dries up a bit.

Dandelions! I know I'm weird but I loved seeing these little flowers yesterday. I'm sure it won't be long now and I will have fields of them. Every year Mountain Man and I joke that they are our most prolific crop and if only we could make a living off of them some how. 

I'd love to hear from my readers if spring has arrived yet for you. What is your favorite sign of spring?


  1. Glo, Spring has arrived and has been here for a little while, temperatures have been in the 70's this week. I believe my favorite part of spring is when the flowers start blooming and the little animals are coming out and starting families.

    1. A flowers! That would be nice! Haven't found any wild ones except for the dandelions yet. Hopefully soon!

  2. It probably seemed like spring took several months to come because of your mild winter. Twice I stayed in Saskatchewan a summer, it seemed to make up for the short season to have such amazing longer daylight hours. I think I remember a day really starting around 4:30 am.

    1. You are so right Jessica! The days are really getting longer fast now. :)

  3. Hi. I just found your blog on Kim's blog, Jabez Farm. I just wrote down your recipe for the whey bread. I have 2 goats I am milking now once a day so far as they still have their kids on them. But when I start making cheese again, I am going to make this bread. It looks really good. I wonder if I can use fresh ground wheat berries? And for the white flower, I have soft white berries. So I wonder how that will work?

    And the dandelions are great little wild plants full of good food. The whole plant is edible. I make jelly from the flowers. Also wondeful tea. Put the leaves in salad or cook them in greens. And you can dry the root and grind it to make coffee. Have not tried that yet but it can be done. So there are a few ways you might make some money. The jelly is wonderful and so pretty. I also make violet jelly.

    I am in N. Ga. right below Chattanooga, Tn. We had a very mild winter here. I started my garden back in Feb. I have beans and corn and okra and cucumbers and field peas already up. And 235 tomato plants planted and some already have flowers. I have got to stake them now! I have already been to the farmer's market selling kale, lettuce, Swiss chard and onions.

    Didn't mean to go on and on. But I get carried away talking about farming. And bread! And goats. What kind do you have?

    1. Nice to hear from you Kris. I haven't tried my recipe with freshly ground wheat yet as I am still on the hunt for a reasonably priced grinder. My mother baked with freshly ground wheat all the time so I don't see why it wouldn't work. You may find it fairly heavy though if the flour is used immediately after grinding. Please let me know how it works out as I am very curious and so hoping I find a flour mill soon.

      I've been wanting to try some of the dandelion recipes I've found but our plants are so tiny here it is hard to harvest them. I've been hoping they would get a bit taller so it would be so much work but might have to try it anyway.

      I'm more than a bit envious of your mild weather! Good going with all those tomato plants! I have about 150 started and waiting for the weather to warm up. :)

      We have Nubians. Love them! They have such personalities and give the most delicious milk. Thanks for taking the time to write. :)


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