Monday, 28 May 2012

Spring Rain and a Shaggy Visitor

Last night as I watched the rain pour down, again, I just shook my head and wondered where it was all going to go. Seriously, more rain? The water level is higher than I have ever seen it and the rain just keeps coming down. I wonder if some roads or bridges will be washed out. I have no way of finding out however because right now we can't even get out of the driveway. I guess there could be worse things than being rained in, it could be snow! I'd rather deal with the rain... Thankfully the forecast is calling for some sunshine in a day or two and we are so hoping they are right. I need to finish planting my garden and it will require a few days to dry out before I can even walk in it.

One cool thing the rain brought was a few little ducks who decided to take up residence for a while in a puddle close to the house. It was fun to watch them through the window. Hmm....  sometimes I wish I was more like the ducks and loved the rain as much as they do.

We also had another visitor over the weekend. He or she has been here for as long as we have and so far has never bothered our livestock... Lets hope that continues as I would hate to have to not have him around. We love watching this guy hunt. His huge leaps and pounces are huge sources of amusement. Usually due to his shyness we only get glimpses of him and that most often with the binoculars. Obviously however, he was being braver yesterday and decided to do some hunting close to the house. He played peekaboo with us quite a bit but Mountain Man was finally able to capture a few pictures. 

Then finally, he was successful and trotted off with his catch. We have many rodents around here and really appreciate his efforts to keep the population in check. 

You can see his coat is still shedding out and is pretty shaggy right now. Hope he comes back for more rodent dinners soon! 


  1. Glo,

    I the pictures of the ducks and your little fox. Hopefully, the fox will return and leave your animals alone. I pray you don't get to much rain, no one likes flooding. Have a blessed Memorial Day.

    1. Thanks Sandy! I always love to read your comments! :)


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