Friday, 22 June 2012

A Beautiful Friday

For the second day in a row the sun has greeted me in the morning. I'm so happy to see sunshine as we have had nothing but rain and thunderstorms for the past few weeks. The ground is sopping wet and even parts of the barn are flooded, again. Hopefully the weather will hold now and we will all dry out for a bit. That would be very nice!

Due to the storms and other factors our internet has been very unreliable lately. That is one of the hazards with living in such a rural area. It's not like we can change our provider either as there is only one. So, I spent most of the morning at the neighbors on the phone with tech support trying to figure out why we had no internet. It's a bit of a hoot when the tech person asks you to turn the router off and back on and you have to remind them you can't do that because you are calling from a neighbors because the internet isn't working and you can't make any calls with out it. They seem to think everyone should have a cell phone to use in these instances. Maybe we really should have a cell phone but neither one of us wants one or the added expenses that go along with that in Canada. Besides, our parents and grandparents got along just fine without them, so can we.

I thought you might like to take a short tour around to see how the plants are doing with all the rain we have had. It is a pretty pitiful sight.

That is my rubber boot sunk into the mud as I tried to get to the garden. OK... That's not happening but at least I can take a few pictures with my zoom lens.

As you can see the weeds are doing just fine! They are so in for it once the ground dries up a bit!

The corn is starting to sprout! Yeah!

The tomato's aren't fairing so well. The excessive moisture is too much for them and many are turning black.

I was sure all the beans would have rotted in the ground but nope. They are finally starting to come up.

Cucumber's  and zucchini are the only plants who don't seem to care and are doing fine. 

Of course the only plants doing exceptionally well are the potted flowers. They sure are pretty.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love your story about the internet being down. We don't have cell service here and the tech people can't comprehend 'dead zones' anymore. I think our parents and grandparents had a much better life without so much technology. Your plants look wonderful! Ionized water works miracles.

  2. That is a lot of rain! We have the opposite problem --- no rain at all! At least some of your plants survived!


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