Monday, 25 June 2012

Daisy... and the Stalker

There are many times out here when the entertainment is so much better than you could possibly imagine.... And it's all free!

We were sitting down to dinner and an old time movie when Mountain Man noticed our curious resident deer had returned again. She did find her baby the other day as we spotted them together the next morning but she just can't seem to get over her curiousity about us and has continued to come around almost every evening.

We had recently moved Daisy closer to the garden as she needed to be moved to a new area having eaten most of the grass down by the chicken run.

So, there was Daisy munching away on the deliciously long grasses and oblivious to the deer who was curious about this new structure which was parked close to the garden. 

The deer came closer and we couldn't help but wonder what would happen when they came face to face. Daisy was still oblivious and the deer getting closer and closer. Sniff the air, sniff the grass, step, step, step. Stop. Look around... step, step, step.... My camera was forgotten as we watch this play out almost holding our breath in anticipation.

Then it happened! Daisy looked up and saw the deer. You could see her eyes get huge! Here was an animal twice her size and almost right up to her when she hadn't noticed it! She leaped into the air, did a midair flip and ran full out in the opposite direction before hitting the end of her rope and crashing so hard I thought she would break her neck. Meanwhile the deer leaped straight up and hightailed it in the opposite direction disappearing around the trees in about 4 huge bounds.

Meanwhile Mountain Man and I were laughing so hard we couldn't even speak and our sides hurt for some time afterwards. Here was our little bully of a goat getting her comeuppance. 

That little incident seems to have changed Daisy forever. She spent the next three hours until dark looking for the deer. She decided she needed to be on top of her little space ship like home and after about 100 try's managed to jump on top of it so she would be able to see further. The deer is still around but has decided to stay further out and doesn't come into the yard anymore. I think perhaps we don't have to worry about the deer eating our garden if we keep Daisy around.... Hmm.... maybe she is starting to earn her keep.


  1. This is hilarious! Animals provide the best entertainment!

  2. To funny Glo! Soon you'll be able to pop the popcorn and sit back and watch the show, lol....This deer is extremely inquisitive, she will be back :-)
    There is nothing better than free entertainment.


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