Monday, 13 August 2012

Coming Soon To A Road Near Us

Brrr...  I can't get warm this morning. Temperatures have plummeted in the last week and there is a nip in the air I'm not liking. While this cool snap most likely will not last long, yet. It is a reminder that fall will be here soon and we must hurry to prepare for winter. Winter.... That word makes me shiver even more! I refuse to start a fire though. It's the middle of August and I am being stubborn, after all this is supposed to be a hot month so there should be no need for a fire! Excuse me while I get some more hot tea......


For the last five years we have had this for a driveway.

Not much to look at and wait until it rains! Usually we end up leaving the vehicles at the road and walking or quading the half mile to the house. When it gets real bad even a four wheel drive can't make it through the mud. Five years! That is a long time to deal with this but since trucking gravel in and building up the driveway is so expensive we didn't have an option. Until now.

We knew we had some nice gravel on our land but thought the cost of digging it up might be pretty high. Enter a wonderful neighbor who owns a track hoe and would like us to do him a favor. In exchange he brought his equipment over and went to work. Yes! 

Look at all that beautiful gravel! That right there is quite a few $1000 worth of gravel if we were to have it trucked in and he isn't finished yet! So excited! Not sure when we will be able to spread it but just to see it happening is exciting. 

Not to mention when this is finally completed we will also have a wonderful swimming hole or fish pond! I sure do love it when a plan starts coming together. Thank you to good neighbors!


  1. Oh this is a win all around! Having a neighbor who is willing to barter services! Excellent! A driveway with foind/free materials Woot! And a pond to boot in the future. Now, that's community!

  2. So happy for you!! The pond is a wonderful bonus! It's so much better to not rush into these things and get in over your head financially. So glad it came together ~smile~.

  3. Glo,

    What a fabulous find, to have this gravel available on your property. Now your driveway will be so much better and you have a new pond to boot!!!! The pond, will also attract more birds (geese and duck).
    Everything around here has died off and it's truly starting to look like winter. It doesn't feel like it though.
    How cold did it get up there for ya'll?

    1. It is still above freezing at night by several degrees and the house stays above 65, I'm just a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold.


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