Friday, 10 August 2012

Everything Old is New

We love old things, the more ancient the better. Now many people love antiques, but we love them not just to look at or to own but to use. If we can find an antique that is still in great shape and we have a need for it, it will be coming home as long as the price is right.

There is a reason for this. We have found, as you might have, that everything from "way back when" is made better. It is sturdier, heavier, it won't fall apart, the knobs won't jiggle and it won't break anytime soon. Things just aren't made that way anymore. Society has changed. Now products are made, not to last, but with an expiry date so you will have to purchase another one in the not too distant future. The pride of workmanship is, for the most part, gone.

That is why when I looked out the window and saw Mountain Man trundling down the road with something in the back of the truck I got excited. What was he bringing home? He is always surprising me with something! I love presents!

Now many people might look at this stove and go... too small, too old, too something. Me? I went "YES!!" and jumped up and down. I know when it is completely restored it will be a thing of beauty.

It is solid! I help unload it and it weighs a tonne. Well, OK maybe not that much but still... Everything on it still works like when it was new all it needs is some tender loving care and it will be all set for my summer kitchen.

Even the timer works! I had to laugh at myself the other day as I was very busy in the kitchen and needed to time more than one item. I actually went out and turn on this timer and used it. While I probably won't have a summer kitchen until next year I'm so excited to see things starting to come together. I won't use the propane stove a whole lot as I prefer the wood stove but on real hot days it will be wonderful!


  1. Lucky Duck! I want that stove!!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful stove, oh how I am jealous :-)
    You're so very right, appliances are not made as they used to be. Everything in our environment now is made to be thrown away, what a waste.
    Congratulations! I love it when husbands are always looking out for special items like this for their wives. Give Mountain Man a big thumbs up from your old Oklahoma friend.

  3. Oh WOw, How wonderful! Thats a keeper for sure and it will be nice for canning. Can't wait to see your outdoor kitchen when its ready to show off. How awesome that will be keeping the heat out of the house

  4. That is a gorgeous stove!! My husband is always bringing me home things too :) Love it!


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