Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Killing Three Birds With One Stone (No birds where harmed in the writing of this blog)

First came the house, then the barns and out buildings, now, five years later it is finally time for Mountain Man to start building his shop.  But wait! We still need a summer kitchen and a green house! Uhg! So much to do on such a small budget!

Winters here are usually so cold you can't spend much time out of doors which creates a closeness which can be lovely at first but by January we are both ready to pull each other's hair out! Not literally, but we always get a bit of cabin fever in the winter and tempers become a bit short... OK... once in a while if the winter is particularly long, a lot short. Hey, the sun rises at about 9 am and sets at 3:30 pm, I blame the sun....

When you are doing everything on a shoestring it can take a long time to build anything. So, my ingenious man has come up with a plan. He will get his shop for those frigid winters and I will get a summer kitchen for all my canning as well as a green house area to start my plants. He is very busy in the summers and won't spend much time in there anyway.

Being that we are off the grid and power is always at a premium and depended on the sun the windows on the south side for the "green house" are necessary for light as well. We are just making them a bit bigger than the original plan. The wood stove will go in on the side where the garage will eventually be and the pipe from the stove will go through the wall and into the garage side to heat it just enough so the cars will start at -30 and colder.  We have traded out or bartered for a lot of the materials so far since cash is always in short supply. (Gas for the vehicles is now up to $1.26/liter ($4.76/US Gallon) and it costs us $20 for every trip to town)

When Mountain Man first came up with his plan I must say I was a bit surprised. How many men would willing choose to share their shop (substitute private domain) with their wives? I'm a lucky woman.


  1. Glo,

    Yes Ma'am you're a lucky wife!!!! Most men don't like having to share their shop or garage, lol....
    Gas is not cheap! It's $4.86 a gallon here in Central Oklahoma.

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