Tuesday 11 March 2014

An Ending and a Beginning

I've been putting this post off for a long time. At first I thought I wouldn't have to make it. Surely the doctors would come up with a solution. Nope, it wasn't to be, so here I go.

Last year I started to run into a few medical problems. Nothing that I thought was serious. During a routine medical exam my doctor noticed something not quite right and actually called me personally, twice, during a time when she knew I was out of the country. That kinda worried me but she assured me it was just something that needed to be followed up on and I shouldn't be too concerned. OK...  A doctor telling you not to worry is kinda like a cat being told not to chase a red dot. Suffice to say things went downwards from there. So far I've seen five different doctors and had more medical tests than I care to count and still there are more to go. The bottom line is this, at least the way I understand it.....  I'm not dying, well at least not yet, but I will never be back to my normal self again. In fact, life as I know it is pretty much over.

So, there it is in black and white. No sense crying about it, nothing to be done but move forward and see where it goes. Which comes to the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Sell our much loved homestead. If you've been following along on our journey you know we've had some amazing times and lots of fun but since I can no longer live that life I have to let it go. So, I am....

If you know of someone who is looking to live an off grid lifestyle, who isn't afraid of getting their hands in the dirt and doesn't mind the winters let them know of this opportunity. Just because my dream is ending doesn't mean it can't be starting for someone else.

It's someone else's turn to enjoy this beautiful spot.

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Taking a Brief Hiatus... maybe... sorta...

Sorry for leaving you in suspense wondering where I was and when I was coming back. (You were wondering right? Or is that just my overactive imagination at work again?)

My unexpected trip turned out to be very fruitful and we are now in possession of a "newer" car. One which gets approximately 900 km (559 miles) or more per fill up. I can't tell you how excited I am about that! Fuel prices continue to rise and spending $20 every time we needed to make a trip into town was killing our budget.

Now that I am back however, my poor garden is looking rather overrun and I am in full blown "prepare for winter" mode. Along with all the other farm chores I am slightly (insert quite) overrun on a daily basis and my list of things which must be done now keeps getting longer. This has given me quite a dilemma. I spend at least 1.5 to 2 hours daily on my blog and FB page. This is time a really don't have to spare right now.... sigh....

In order to keep my sanity (although many will say that left me a long time ago) I will be scaling back my time writing and concentrating on my garden and winter prep for the next little while. I'm NOT going away! Just have to get everything done before it freezes!

We started our first fire of the season in our wood stove last night. While it was wonderful to feel the heat and listen to the fire crackle I also felt sad that this wonderful summer has come to a close. Fall is now in full swing and the geese flying overhead are urging me to hurry ever faster to stack the wood in the woodshed and bring in the harvest.

Please be patient! I will post as often as I have time. 

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